Our preschool classrooms provide an explosion of ‘hands on’ learning and are a place of discovery. The environment is arranged into areas that promote curiosity and creativity as well as cooperative social skills. Materials in each area support our curriculum and enhance the weekly theme.

Activities are planned within our theme encouraging problem solving, creativity and fun! The daily schedule has opportunities for small and large group activities as well as both child and adult chosen activities. Each month a color and shape is highlighted and throughout the year our three year olds are introduced to 20 of the United States. Our four year olds review the first 20 States and then discover the 30 remaining States. At KIDS FIRST Learning Place we use Zoo-Phonics as our primary approach to literacy. Learning how to recognize and write their own name, art/sensory activities, math/science activities, circle times and large motor play round out each day. Transition activities are planned to help the day move smoothly from one activity to the next.

Each day teachers write a brief note about the day in a folder located in the child’s cubby to let parents know what is happening at school. Folders are sent home on your child’s last day of the week with a Home Connection activity that is designed to extend and reinforce what is happening in the classroom and connect the home and school experience.