We are a year round program. Our business hours are 6 AM-6 PM Monday through Friday.

Tuition is based on a child’s age and schedule. We offer a 10% family discount when two or more children are enrolled full time. KIDS FIRST accepts DHS payments towards tuition accounts; however  parents are responsible for any amount not covered through DHS payments. Please call and speak with a Director who will assist you with tuition questions.

KIDS FIRST Learning Place has an annual registration fee of $35 per family.

Tuition is posted to accounts on Friday for the next week of care; payment is due on Fridays for the upcoming week. Accounts with a balance on Tuesday morning at 10 AM will be assessed a $10 late fee.

Each family will be given 1 week of vacation (not in attendance) each calendar year.  You need to be enrolled for 12 continuous months before using this credit.  In order to use the vacation credit you must give the office at least 2 weeks written notice. 

KIDS FIRST Learning Place will be closed for six holidays; full weekly tuition is due for the following holidays.

                    New Year's Day          Memorial Day

                    Fourth of July            Labor Day

                    Thanksgiving               Christmas